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The health benefits of a relaxing bath supported by research

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A simple lifestyle practice has been shown to help reduce stress, fatigue, pain, tension-anxiety, anger-hostility and depression-dejection, all from the comfort of a warm bath.

A recent randomised, controlled, cross-over study from Japan has found that the benefits of a hot bath for just 10 minutes a day improves both physical and emotional aspects of quality of life.[1]

Thirty-eight healthy adults were recruited for the intervention to investigate the benefits of bathing in warm water (40°C) for 10 minutes versus showering. Subjects were randomised to either bathing for two weeks followed by immediately showering for two weeks or vice versa without washout.[1]

Results showed greater improvements in measured aspects in the bathing group versus the showering group. Visual analogue scale scores and self-reporting measures reported significantly better general, mental and emotional health with improved social[1] functioning outcomes.

This follows on from a previous cross-sectional study that found people who had a habit of bathing in hot water had good subjective health status, sufficient sleep and rest, low levels of stress and high subjective happiness.[2,3] The results of both these studies support the causal relationship of the psychological benefits from bathing.


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