Hemp is such a diverse plant. Here, we explore the nutritional profile of hemp and the opportunities it presents for a sustainable, low intervention, vegetarian-friendly source of quality protein and nutrients. 

May 24, 16
dairy cows in field

Bovine colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins (antibodies), growth factors, various proteins, and enzymes. One of the most interesting components of bovine colostrum is lactoferrin.

May 12, 16

Loading up on Vitamin C is a common approach to colds and flus. Here, Naturopath Amie Skilton shares her advice on navigating the humble "Vitamin C Flush". 

May 05, 16

Despite extensive research, the true value of echinacea may yet be undiscovered. Esteemed German researcher and echinacea specialist Rudolph Bauer believes he knows why science has failed this medicinal herb.

May 03, 16
digestive system, intestines, leaky gut

Dr Alessio Fasano and his team discovered a previously unknown protein which could influence the tight junctions of cells. Understanding the role of this protein in the pathogenesis of a variety of conditions from coeliac disease, to complex autoimmune disorders is, in its infancy. It's sure to be something we continue to learn about in the integrative medicine industry.

Apr 29, 16

An objective, and evidentiary look at the pro's and con's of three of the most well known diet dictums; Paleo, Low-Carb-High-Fat and The Mediteranean Diet.

Mar 25, 16

Dr David Perlmutter shares his comprehensive list of pre and probiotic foods for optimal health of the microbiome.

Mar 22, 16

Prof. Cordain wrote the best-selling book, The Paleo Diet. We talk to him about the premise behind the Paleo Diet, his take on dairy, and what he eats on a typical day.

Mar 17, 16