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Symbionts and Pathobionts with Dr Mark Donohoe

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Symbionts and Pathobionts with Dr Mark Donohoe

The microcosm of  fungal and bacterial organisms living within and upon us is far more complex than was previously thought.

What's more confusing is that there seems to be no absolutes, no one bacteria or fungi is universally good, or universally bad. Some of the alleged "good guys" can do us harm, whilst conversely, some pathogens are now being investigated as forces capable of good rather than evil!

Today, Dr Mark Donohoe joins us to share why he feels the clinicians of the future will aim to restore gut biodiversity and immune tolerance in the fight against chronic disease and ill-health. 

Covered in this episode:

[00:56] Welcoming back Dr Mark Donohoe
[01:32] Introducing today's topic
[02:11] Defining symbionts vs pathobionts
[04:41] Segmented filamentous bacteria
[09:22] A lesson in tolerance and diversity
[16:25] Conundrums of testing
[17:22] The Gut: A critical immune modulator
[22:16] Disturbing host resilience
[25:49] Re-regulation and restoring biodiversity
[30:22] Convincing the medical community to focus on the gut
[33:01] The future potential for helminth therapies
[40:41] Not all candida is created equal
[44:06] Final thanks and summary

***Transcript - coming soon

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