Exercise & Movement in the Management of Disease with Dr. Damian Kristof and Ben Southam

May 31, 22

We uncover the benefits of exercise physiology with accredited exercise physiologist Ben Southam and Dr. Damian Kristoff and discuss how to include this modality in a collaborative care model to best support our patients. 

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The Mental Health Crisis: Promoting Wellbeing for Our Patients and Ourselves

Sep 27, 21

The all-new hosts of FX Medicine - Dr Adrian Lopresti, Dr Damian Kristof, Emma Sutherland and Dr Michelle Woolhouse - come together with Dr Lesley Braun to discuss the growing mental health crisis.

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Part One: Influencing Immunity with Amie Skilton

May 07, 20

Taken from our LIVE interactive podcast: Amie Skilton shares her top five nutrients for a robust immune system and takes us on a deep dive into how sugar, alcohol and sleep can dismantle immunity. 

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COVID-19: Functional Medicine and Paediatrics with Dr Elisa Song

Apr 08, 20

Integrative GP, Dr Mark Donohoe and functional paediatrician, Dr Elisa Song chat about COVID-19 through the lens of functional medicine. 

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