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The importance of a healthy digestive system has long been recognised by complementary health professionals including naturopaths and herbalists. This concept is not new however, with Hippocrates, regarded as the father of medicine, reportedly stating that “all disease begins in the gut” over 2000 years ago.

Jan 08, 20

Childhood encompasses a period of immense growth, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. The developing nervous system is highly sensitive to external influences, and while some children adapt to these influences or stressors, other children do not adapt so easily. Accordingly, anxiety, irritability, hyperactivity, sleep disturbances and changes to mood may develop in children.

Dec 20, 19

As thyroid dysfunction continues to rise, so too does the number of patients presenting with partial or complete removal of the thyroid gland - how do we support this naturopathically?


Dec 17, 19

Research continues to draw links between a healthy gut flora, overall health and the role diet and environment have to play in influencing gut flora diversity and numbers.1

Dec 09, 19

Partially hydrolysed guar gum (PHGG) is a prebiotic fibre that has been shown to enhance bifidobacterium and lactobacilli species as well as short chain fatty acids in the colon.

Dec 06, 19

You've heard Andrew mention these in multiple podcasts, well, this article explains exactly what segmented filamentous bacteria (SFMs) are. 

Dec 05, 19

A low intake of omega-3 fatty acids may be a contributing factor in the increased incidence of inflammatory diseases around the globe.

Dec 04, 19
Restless legs syndrome

Despite its high prevalence, the symptoms of restless legs syndrome are often overlooked or misdiagnosed.

Nov 11, 19