Artificial light at night sabotages your sleep and health

It’s almost impossible for modern humans to imagine a world without the blaze of artificial light. Is there a dark side to our love affair with light? 

Jun 10, 19

Research has found significant positive associations between diets high in nutritional quality and superior academic performance in children and adolescents. 

Jun 03, 19

The skin is colonised by a diverse community of microorganisms, working synergistically to maintain structural and functional integrity of the skin barrier. On the skin’s surface, four main bacteria phyla have been identified including Actinobacteria, Firmicutes, Proteobacteria and Bateroidetes.[1] Alterations in the balance of these microbial communities have been associated with multiple chronic cutaneous diseases including acne.

May 27, 19

Medicinal mushrooms are the latest phenomenon in complementary medicine – a re-emerging therapy that is increasingly being recognised in scientific literature for its potential use in a variety of conditions.

Apr 22, 19
The Toxicity Of Contraceptives

Research increasingly implicates a link between the significant array of exogenous chemicals humans are continually exposed to, and many suboptimal health and chronic disease states experienced by the population.

Apr 19, 19
7th Annual BioCeuticals Research Symposium

Acquaint yourself with the speakers at the 7th BioCeuticals' Research Symposium - and check out what to expect from the FX LIVE team.

Apr 09, 19
Making the most of mushrooms reiishi

How capturing the benefits of whole medicinal mushrooms across the life cycle ensures greater benefit to therapeutic outcomes.

Apr 08, 19

How snacking can be used to reduce food battles, increase intuition and support the development of our children.

Apr 01, 19