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Liposomal formulations: Exploring the advanced nutrient delivery system

Aug 08, 22

Effective management of female reproductive health requires assessment of the bidirectional relationship between steroid hormones and immune system

Mar 03, 22

The Bi-directional Relationship Between Immunity and Stress by Lisa Costa Bir

Feb 25, 22

When reviewing the potential impact of sugar intake on female reproductive health, factors to be considered include the various body systems, organs and tissues involved in (either or both) glucose metabolism and reproductive function, and the bidirectional functional relationships between many of them (covered in Part 1). Following on from these interconnections, how sugar can impact these body systems, organs and tissues, both individually and via their functional interconnection, and the clinical relevance of these effects also needs to be considered. This will be covered in Part 2.

Jul 21, 20

Herbal medicine can affect the immune system in a variety of ways. Here, we explore a couple of ways herbal medicine can support the immune system. 

Jul 07, 20

Paying attention to diet and a health gut microbiome is often overlooked in addressing mental health and yet, evidence shows these aspects are crucial....

Jul 03, 20

A review published in 2013 examined the potential for PEA in being deployed for influenza, the common cold and other respiratory infections. The results cited in this review offer an interesting viewpoint for the potential of PEA in cold and flu season.

Jun 11, 20