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Coordinating Oncology Care

Effective complementary care helps patients to better manage conventional treatment side effects, improve response to treatment, lower the risk of recurrence, and optimise health.

Nov 27, 17
Legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis in Australia

Recent studies have observed differences in the local breast microbiome of subjects with malignant breast cancer compared to those with benign tumours or who were disease-free.

Nov 20, 17
Reducing Excess Copper with Molybdenum

As excess copper intake and copper levels become increasingly common, molybdenum offers an effective resolution. 

Nov 13, 17

Beta-glucans are one of the most abundant forms of polysaccharides found inside cell walls of bacteria and fungi, exhibiting benefits from immune cell activation to anti-cancer effects.

Nov 06, 17

Looking at the complex interplay of exogenous and endogenous toxicity and the gut microbiota.

Oct 23, 17

Silymarin and silibinin, caffeine, bioflavonoids, curcumin, resveratrol and other natural polyphenols have been found beneficial for NAFLD in studies and preclinical trials.

Oct 20, 17

Pyrrole disorder affects up to 10% of the population, and the incidence can increase to 18-35% in people with psychological disturbances, learning or behavioural problems.

Oct 16, 17

Fluoride is primarily known for its effect in strengthening the enamel. However, despite this mechanism of action, tooth decay is still considered to be a significant problem in Australia and one that water fluoridation has obviously not resolved. 

Oct 09, 17