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7th Annual BioCeuticals Research Symposium

Acquaint yourself with the speakers at the 7th BioCeuticals' Research Symposium - and check out what to expect from the FX LIVE team.

Apr 09, 19
Making the most of mushrooms reiishi

How capturing the benefits of whole medicinal mushrooms across the life cycle ensures greater benefit to therapeutic outcomes.

Apr 08, 19
Study suggests gut healing should precede probiotic therapy

A recent study has suggested maintaining gut barrier function may be key to efficacy of probiotics on oxidative stress and inflammatory response.

Apr 05, 19

How snacking can be used to reduce food battles, increase intuition and support the development of our children.

Apr 01, 19
What is culinary genomics?

Culinary genomics may be the future of food consumption as science reveals the connections of food-gene relationships, chronic disease and ageing.

Mar 29, 19
The Efficacy of Zinc and Ginger for Dysmenorrhoea

Dysmenorrhoea is the most common gynaecological condition in women, with prevalence ranging up to 91% in women of reproductive age.  Complementary treatments such as ginger and zinc should be considered as efficacious as part of any treatment protocol for dysmenorrhoea.

Mar 22, 19
Traditional uses of Saffron

The use of saffron as a medicinal plant dates back to ancient times, with its reported therapeutic applications ranging from complaints of the eye, skin, respiratory, digestive, and genitourinary tracts, in mood disorders and as a general tonic.

Mar 18, 19
Bioavailable curcumin extract may improve memory and attention performance

Curcumin has been thoroughly studied for its anti-inflammatory benefits that permeate through multiple systems of the body, including the brain. And, while anti-inflammatory activity is important in combatting neuroinflammation, curcumin also comprises antioxidant, anti-amyloid and possible anti-tau properties that work synergistically to further protect the brain from neurodegeneration, particularly in older adults

Mar 15, 19