Research in practice

Recent research shows echinacea can reduce recurrent respiratory tract infections by 50% when compared to placebo.

May 23, 16

Recent research is indicating a relationship between low Vitamin D status and the incidence of recurrent cough and respiratory infection. 

May 16, 16
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Keeping Daycare and School-age children well in the winter months is a challenge. This study provides some insight into how combining Vitamin C and probiotics can help reduce upper respiratory tract infections in kids. 

May 09, 16

Recent research indicates that food additive consumption and its consequent influence on intestinal permeability may be to blame for the rise in autoimmune conditions. 

May 05, 16

Chlorella is a popular "greens" formula typically implemented for cleansing. However, it has some specific immune enhancing effects. 

May 02, 16
gut microbiome and diabetes

People who suffer from gut dysbiosis are more at risk of developing metabolic dysfunction, according to data reviewed by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Apr 14, 16

Avoidance of wheat or becoming "gluten free" within the diet is becoming increasingly common - but what is the evidence saying about prevelance and reality of this issue beyond the hype and trendiness? Naturopath Norelle Hentschel takes a look...

Apr 08, 16

With emerging evidence that vitamin D may mediate immunomodulatory effects in patients with IBD, this study aimed to assess a specific supplementation regimen of vitamin D to increase serum 25(OH)D to 100-125nmol/L, and to evaluate change in disease activity.

Mar 08, 16