Research in practice

Australian Research demonstrates: a baby’s allergies can start to develop already in utero and may be influenced by the mother’s habits whilst pregnant

Dec 30, 16

By analysing infant cord blood samples researchers have demonstrated that a suceptibility to food allergy could be detected at birth. 

Dec 23, 16
pregnancy, medication, pain relief

Prenatal use of paracetamol needs to be carefully considered with evidence emerging it could affect behavioural outcomes in the offspring.

Dec 09, 16
toxic body fat

Research has long shown a strong relationship between increased body fat and degeneration of the brain. Basically, brain function declines as the size of the belly increases.

Dec 01, 16

A recent review provides evidence for probiotic use in liver disease. 

Nov 25, 16

This study provides strong evidence of the efficacy of folic acid and methylcobalamin for the treatment of common folic acid and vitamin B12 deficiency signs and symptoms.

Nov 11, 16

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages worldwide, with epidemiologic studies showing a link between coffee consumption and lower levels of liver disease and all-cause mortality.

Nov 04, 16

A 2014 study on the common drug intervention for thrombophilia (blood clotting in pregnancy) found it to be no more effective than placebo. So, what are the natural options that could be applied?

Oct 20, 16