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The positive health benefits that probiotics provide to digestive health and wellbeing are well known. With the renowned benefits of probiotics embedded in scientific literature, researchers are starting to look at novel uses for probiotics in humans including chronic kidney disease.

Jun 30, 15

Exciting new research is helping us understand how a broad spectrum probiotic may also play a role in the prevention and management of obesity and metabolic disorders.

Jun 30, 15

An extensive range of clinical trials and in vitro research have investigated the effects of astaxanthin in the prevention and treatment of eye diseases, as well as maintaining healthy eye function. The benefits of astaxanthin range from reducing eye strain to having a potential role in the treatment of age-related macular degeneration

Jun 18, 15

A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was conducted to evaluate the efficacy of an extract of holy basil in the symptomatic control of general stress. 

Dec 06, 14

Kava (Piper methysticum) is one of the most researched herbal anxiolytics showing the ability to significantly reduce anxiety symptoms in a variety of patients.

Dec 06, 14

Immune homeostasis requires the differential and regulated expression of cytokines and their receptors. Modulation of the T helper (Th)1/Th2 balance by administration of cytokine antagonists can alters the outcome of diseases.

Nov 13, 14

Dr Mark Donohoe discusses the importance of gastrointestinal microbiome biodiversity for optimal health and wellbeing outcomes in our patients.

Oct 31, 14

Andrew Whitfield-Cook goes hunting for the science behind the marvels of medicinal mushrooms.

Jul 01, 10