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Probiotics modulate the immune response in children suffering from coeliac disease by reducing the pro- inflammatory cytokines according to a recent double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.

Aug 14, 15

An Assessment modelling study from the UK in 2013 came to the surprising conclusion that simply by adding one apple per day to elderly people’s diet the number of deaths prevented from vascular disease would approach those prevented from taking a statin and with far fewer side-effects.

Aug 13, 15

A prospective randomised double-blind, placebo-controlled study on ashwaghanda root and its safety and effectiveness in reducing stress and anxiety in adults.

Aug 13, 15

Motherwort is a perennial plant indigenous to central Europe and Scandinavia, but it is also found in the area spanning termperate Russia to central Asia.

It is a mild sedative and hypotensive, and as this study demonstrates, exhibits an analgesic effect too. 

Jul 06, 15

Botanicals are an alternative option to prescription drugs for the alleviation of symptoms due to anxiety disorders and insomnia. Melissa officinalis L. has been shown as an antistress and anxiolytic agent.

Jul 06, 15

What role does the microbiome, toxicity and inflammation have in the interplay between gut and mind? The body of evidence is growing that a healthy gastrointestinal system is a core clinical consideration in the treatment of mood disorders. 

Jul 06, 15

Reduced glutathione (GSH) is well recognised for its role as a key antioxidant in the body and for its function as an endogenous detoxifier, helping remove toxins and potential carcinogens and it is rapidly depleted by inflammatory conditions. 

Jun 30, 15